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We work on the Factory of the Future

We work on the Factory of the Future which would combine emerging technologies in manufacturing and help in building operational excellence capabilities.

We will provide a manufacturing roadmap focused on transforming operations, by leveraging the latest in technology and business processes with IoT combined, focussing on Digitalization, Automation, Connectivity & Analytics

The Smart Factory is quickly becoming a real place, which will have global market size of 74.80 Billion USD by 2022.

 Our Consultants have End to End expertise in Smart Factory solutions.

  • Smart Factory System has all-in-one solutions that enable real-time monitoring of your production facilities. The system automatically monitors the manufacturing processes in the plant and enables easy identification of problems affecting productivity.

  • Automatic collection of cycle times, downtimes, errors, product and maintenance information.

  • Mobile application and web reporting systems enabling you to monitor your factory 24/7.

  • Real-time data transfer and integration to ERP systems. (SAP, Oracle, Sage etc.)

  •  Ability to work on cloud or local server according to business needs.

  •  An expert support team that quickly solutions all your questions and problems.

Predictive maintenance solutions - Predictive maintenance avoids machine failures on the factory floor 50% decreased downtime 20% increased production, & help keep operations running seamlessly while improving asset efficiency and safety, which reduces overall maintenance costs.


Smart factories are built on the foundation of data, cybersecurity plays a key role in the entire manufacturing ecosystem. We enable advanced techniques such as smart manufacturing & make data security imperative.

Give us the opportunity to “rethink” what is truly possible with the ability to “build anything “by empowering operators to executives with a real-time decision-making process, enabling a “Smart Factory”.

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