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At Indusfin Technologies we offer a range and host of different services for companies looking for IT support and advice.  We believe that the best IT support is achieved when we know how your business runs and what issues you have. We achieve this by integrating our services into your company to get the most out of your systems.

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  • Server: Setting up of network servers to provide support to your company's database,  applications and other documents. From several server alternatives, you can choose according to the quantity of storage, safety and backup requirements you need.

  • Storage: Enables you to use more of your data, while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Our modern approach to data storage helps unify your data so you can innovate fast – on cloud and on premises. ​

  • Security:  With Connected Threat Defense approach- a four layer security approach which is threat detection , analysis , distribution and protection we aim to simplify your security management, thereby minimizing risks, protecting critical information and effectively reducing the cost and complexity of your security infrastructure.

  • SD-WAN: With secure SD-WANs companies can ensure that workflow processes run efficiently without sacrificing on performance, security, reliability or control. Secure SD-WAN simplifies WAN deployment and monitoring with centralized monitoring and control and cloud based SD-WANs make it easy to connect directly to cloud services. 

  • Network: With our resolute network solutions we aim to bridge the gap between the workflow processes and IT by offering customers increased bandwidth, security and application driven networking to meet high levels of productivity in their business applications and services.​​

  • Backup: With our backup solutions we aim to keep your data secure, minimize downtime with the help of high availability plans to protect your critical systems and company operations. 

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  • Virtualization: Our integrated virtualization solutions from desktop to data center, aims to increase efficiency, free up resources and cut costs without having to sacrifice on performance, security and existing investments of our customers. 

  • Security: With cyber crime remaining a growing concern, we aim to put forth our best efforts in combating cyber threats to minimize cyber crimes. 

  • Application Software: We also offer a host of services such as application backup, development and maintenance of customized business specific applications such as ERP systems and distribution of software.

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  • Application Hosting:  At Indusfin can help you migrate and rationalize your business critical applications based on your infrastructure and recovery requirements aiming to provide an optimally managed cloud-based platform to deliver your enterprise application as a service. Plus, since your enterprise applications are typically integrated with multiple other business applications , we can help you develop and manage the multiple platform, hybrid environment that may result. 

  • Data storage: With cloud solutions for data storage and management we make sure that the service provided is safe, secure and available on a 24/7 basis. Which is to say that cloud offers flexibility and efficiency which is missing in the other forms of storage. Cloud based data storage and management operates as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service that lets businesses pay for only the storage they need rather than inheriting physical databases. 

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