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​Reinventing management practices in organisations considering the organization culture, the stakeholder engagement and the hierarchical power structures are the key aspects to create value and delivery programs and projects on time.

> Careful stakeholder management, communication channels that helped in building a strong change management program throughout the project implementation and deployment

> We managed delivery volatility by strategically building the project and portfolio management ecosystem

> Leveraged leading practice within the organization

> Monitored adoption and value delivery data quality for process compliance

> Provide details for key capability maturity categories from a single approach to assess ecosystem, resources and opportunity areas, then prioritize training and improvement strategies.

Building meaningful PMO changes with the transparency that is necessary for continuous execution of your pipeline of initiatives. The successful PMO team for future-ready companies sense change and respond to it proactively, our Project Quality Studio can help organization to bridge the gap between strategic and tactical sides of businesses. Following our PMO model, this practical hands-on service is designed to build or strengthen value-focused culture, data-driven decisions, efficient and effective change management, team-oriented structure, and support of an entrepreneurial mind-set.


Business Anthropologist

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